Drumming Happiness Drum Circles

Drumming Happiness organizes drum circles and rhythm based events, workshops, training & development Initiatives to communities, corporates, organizations, friends and families.

Through our dedicated VOLUNTARY INITIATIVE - we work with various groups like Senior Citizens, Old age homes, Differently abled, Hospitals, Underprivileged, and more spreading Happiness thru Drumming.

We love to spread happiness & positivity through a joyful experience of music and rhythm.

Community Drum Circles - Volunteering Initiative

Drumming Happiness Community Initiative is a Voluntary project, spreading Happiness & Positivity thru Drum Circles .

We work with NGOs, Hospitals, Schools for differently abled and Various groups.

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Drum Circles for Schools & Colleges

Fun & Learning can go hand in hand. Rhythm based training programs are great interventions for School and Colleges.

Moreso Music has its charms to soothe

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Corporate Drum Circles Events

Drum Circles are great interventions for Corporate Employees & Professional Occasions too.

Employee Engagement, Conferences, Team Building, Training & Dev, Marketing Interventions and more

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Meditative Drumming

Drum circles have amazing healing powers.

The guided Meditative Drumming session takes you to a very different world of meditation and mindfulness, in a blissful state

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Drum Circles for Friends & Family

Celebrate your occasion with a Drum Circle. Give your friends and family a memorable experience.

Drum Circles would be awesome inclusions in Celebrations, Parties, Anniversaries, Birthdays and more

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What is a Drum Circle & What are the benefits of Drumming ?

Drum Circle is a group musical activity where all participants are provided a musical instrument especially hand percussion like djembe, hand drums, tambourines, shakers, wooden blocks, chimes & other musical instruments and Facilitated to create Musical Euphoria.

Drum Circles infuse tremendous energy and positivity. It is an experience that words cannot express.

Scientists have proven the power of Music to Heal, and it stimulates more parts of Brain and body. Drum Circle have some amazing Healing Effects. Researches across the world have proven that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, produces feelings of well-being, and helps release emotional trauma. Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress.


The drum circle is "moderated" by a facilitator who guides the group in rhythms, activities like vocals, songs, games etc.

Drumming Happiness team is Formally Trained in the Art of Drum Circle Facilitation., to offer you a MEMORABLE experience of Life.

Drumming Happiness, primarily started as a Voluntary Initiative, now offers Corporate Drum Circles, For Schools & Colleges, Family Events, Meditative Drumming, apart from the Voluntary Initiative working with NGOs, Schools for Differently abled, Underprivileged, Old Age Homes and more.

You need to Experience it to Believe it !!!

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Benefits of Drum Circles

  1. Drum Circles Energize & Leads to Well Being
  2. Makes you happy
  3. Drumming increases concentration and focus
  4. Induces deep relaxation
  5. Facilitates Negative Releases
  6. Reduces Stress Levels
  7. Boosts Confidence
  8. Creates a sense of connectedness
  9. Aligns your body and mind with the natural world
  10. Puts you in the PRESENT MOMENT
  11. Allows for personal transformation 
  12. Improves communication skills
  13. Drum Circle brings everyone together
  14. Therauptic Benefits of Drum Circles are tremendous
  15. Boosts your immune system

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Corporate Drum Circles

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